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    HornetQDestination not Serializable

    mlo Newbie

      Hello everybody.


      We're currently moving from JBoss Mq to HornetQ.


      We're using the HornetQ version 2.1.2 (the one given  with JBoss 6.0)



      Destination temporaryQueue = DataManager.getInstance().getComService().getMeasurementMessageReceiver(_hostName).getTemporaryQueue();
      /* RMI Call */



      Into this code, the first instruction creates and returns a TemporaryQueue, and the second instruction makes a remote call with the tempQueue passed as an argument (in order for the other process to answer on this queue).


      Since we moved on HornetQ, we get the exception : "NotSerializableException....... HornetQDestination"


      So, I googled and found out this post : http://community.jboss.org/message/561656


      It's exactly my case.


      I look into sources of 2.1.2, and Session field of HornetQDestination is not transient.


      May I have a wrong version of HornetQ?


      Thanks in advance !