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    A question on the jBPM 5 Multi-Tenancy


      Does the jBPM 5 support multi-tenancy? Typically, from the database perspective, there are three multi-tenancy strategies: 1) separate database, 2) shared database but separate schema, and 3) shared database and shared schema. By looking at the jBPM 5 database schema, it seems to me that it does NOT handle the # 3 case because it does not have the tenant id colume (except the human-task related database tables that have the actor id).


      Howe about the #2 case? If I create a separate schema (through hibernate or so) per tenant and give the schema pesmission to the tenant, will the jBPM 5 support it with some hibernate-related configuration?


      How about the guvnor? The guvnor stores resources (bpmn2, rules, etc.) to its repository storages (db, file?). Can I store the process definitions per tenant? Is it possible to control visibility of the process definitions for a certain tenant when the resources are added into the knowledge builder using the resourcefactory guvnor URL by providing the tenant id?