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    Can i conditinally update the view tag?

    geschtli Newbie



      My problem is, i will refresh, after a change from my locale (e.g. from german to english) ,

      all my pages.


      There are e.g. under that view <f:view id="mainView" rendered="#{myBean.changed}">

                                             <f:loadBundle basename="#{myBean.bundlename}" var="msg"/>




      my 'commandButton' is fiered not under 'ajax', so that my update is not a partiell rendering.

      But a see noch changes. Have i started with german, all remains in german,or have i

      started with english, all remains in english.

      Does i have overseen something?

      Or is there another solution?


      What i want in detail is :

      - changing my locale, to select the right resource-/message bundle (this does my bean)

          ( <h:commandButton value="German" action="myBean.setToGerman" render="mainView">

            <h:commandButton value="English" action="myBean.setToEnglish" render="mainView">

      - refreshing my pages over the view-tag, what was not successful