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    Initializing Envers proxies

    teinacher Newbie

      I noticed that in Hibernate Envers, all related collections of an entity are loaded lazily, regardless of what fetch type is set. So when auditquerying for entity that has a collection of other entities (both audited, of course), the collection is a SetProxy at first (I can see that when debugging).

      So, how do I initialize that proxy? Using Hibernate.initialize has no effect (I suppose because ihbernate and Envers are using different proxy objects). I know I can initialize the set by iterating over its items, but that isn't an option for me because I have multiple collections in an entity and not to mention what that would do to the readability of the code.

      I need to initialize them eagerly because I'm accessing the collection at a later point in time when the hibernate session is already closed (converting the domain objects into dtos).


      I'm using Hibernate 3.5.6.