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    On restarting httpd (and using Veritas Cluster)

    Nicolas Doye Newbie

      I want to know if there are any knock on effects on restarting httpd?


      We're using the supplied Apache 2.2.15 httpd binary and currently 2 x Tomcat 6.0.18 to front our BusinessObjects XIR3.1 infrastructure (so we obviously have sticky-sessions on).


      I've only restarted httpd once, and all hell broke loose (bizarre BusinessObjects error on both tomcats that would seem unrelated) and then had to restart the tomcats to get things working again.


      Should this have happened, or was it a coincidence?


      Another reason for asking is that we're thinking of putting Veritas Cluster in front of two servers, only one of which would be running httpd + mod_cluster at a time to provide an HA solution. If one server takes over from the other, this would be the equivalent (albeit from different servers) of stop-starting httpd.


      Anyone with any experience of this or a similar HA cluster set-up for mod_cluster?