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    Caches forming subgroups, not merging

    Dave Marion Newbie

      We are trying to get Infinispan 4.2.0 up and running on several hundred nodes. The problem we are seeing is that they are not creating 1 cluster, they are creating several clusters and not merging together. We have searched for any information and have been trying different Infinispan and Jgroups configurations. I would attach them here, but they are on a different network, and I don't want to type it all in at this point. I'm curious as to what configuration knobs we have to tweak to get this running on several hundred nodes. I know that Infinispan was tested at 1000 nodes, any chance I can get the configuration files for that test? Anyone have any ideas off the top of their head. I will troll through some logs and post some relevant information in a later post.