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    Interpreting the message "error processing end".

    Edwin Babadaglian Newbie



      I'm currently investigating an incident that yielded numerous occurrences of the following message in HTTPD error_log file:


          [Mon Feb 21 08:09:44 2011] [error] [client xx.yy.zzz.229] proxy: error processing end, referer: http://host.domain.net/someApp/



      My research so far has me suspecting a few possible factors:


      1. Unexpectedly high application latencies tha might have breach some timeout thresholds.

      2. A high-volume of NotSerializableException occurrences, perhaps contributing to #1.

      3. AJP-related anomalies, with potential work-around through connector timeout properties.

      4. Application-specific characteristics involving HTTPD interactions (ajax, etc).

      5. Version of Tomcat container in use (6.0.20).



      My hope is to get a better idea of what to investigate. As of yet, I have not been able to reliably reproduce this symptom but have a lot of options to consider at this point.



      Many thanks for any insight into this error.