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    Webapp version in admin-console


      In the JBoss AS 5.1 admin-console, under "Webapps", clicking on a webapp shows some information about the deployed webapp. Along with the "war" filename there is a field "Version", which seems to always have the value "--" (not defined?).


      How can I make use of this field for my webapps?

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          Nobody knows?

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            It is the discovery component in the plugin that is responsible for specifying the version of discovered resources. However, they may also return null for the version if they don't want to specify a version, which is what the as5 plugin (specifically, the AbstractManagedDeploymentDiscoveryComponent class) currently does. A potential enhancement to that class would be to update it to return the value of the Implementation-Version attribute from the war's manifest, if present. If this is something you'd like to see, please create a new issue in RHQ Bugzilla.