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    rerender 'challenge' with dynamic tabs

    Ronald van Kuijk Master

      I've used the example from http://in.relation.to/Bloggers/UsingDynamicallyCreatedRichFacesTabPanelForSearchResults to make a nice first cut for a seam/richfaces based console for jBPM 3

      In the blog by Ilya there already is a comment by someone that is related to adding/removing tabs from the 'set'. In my tabs I have fairly complex pages. When I add or remove a tab, all the content is rerendered again. I've tried using regions, output and what more, but there are always rerendered again. Maybe not so strange since c:forEach is used, but it is a performance killer. I've already optimized all access to beans so that is not the real problem anymore, it is realy the rendering. Now there was an additional requirement that the content of the main tab (so not the tab itself, just the content) needed to run in it's own seam (nested) conversation. I was able to achieve this by using an IFrame for the content of the tab and use natural conversations. Great... the rerendering issue remains though. Now I've seen https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/RF-89 which would provide a solution without c:forEach and maybe make it possible to add/remove tabs dynamically. without a performance penalty.

      Does anyone have any suggestion how I can prevent this rerendering (if at all)? I've thought of using s:cache, but Since I do have to 'work' a little in the tabs, I don't think that this is an option.