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    overide fetchmode while querying historical data on ENVERS

    David Kelly Newbie

      General Question:


      Can the fetchmode be set on AuditQuery. We wish to override the fetchmode while querying historical revisions





      We have an Entity A which has as a member a Set of Entity B which has a One-To-Many relationship to Entity A via a join table.


      In some cases we would like to query historical data for Entity A and have Set of Entity B loaded eagerly and override the default setting.


      Entity A is annotated as @Fetch=Lazy and as @Auditied.


      Getting the current version we can use Hibernate Criteria and depending on requirements overide the fetchmode using .setFetchmode().





      If using AuditQuery (or other) can we override the fetchmode when retrieving historical data ? If not (as it appears) is there another way of overriding the fetchmode setting while quering historical data ?