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    Tell us your story about RHQ...


      We as RHQ team would like to know more about how you are using RHQ, which part

      you like and especially what you don't like.


      Topics could be (but are not limited to):


      Have you written specific plugins (that you may even want to share)?

      How does your environment look like?

      How many admins are using RHQ? Is each on its own account?

      Are you integrating alerts into systems like trouble ticket systems?

      What are you missing from RHQ?

      Are there areas of RHQ where you would like to help?


      Please take the time to write a few lines, so that we can improve RHQ in the

      right areas




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          We are using RHQ version 3 and looking to upgrade to version 4

          We have 85 servers and rhq agents running on 34 currently.

          We monitor: JBoss5.0.1, Apache 2.2, IIS, currently and would like to add ms-sql, websphere, sharepoint

          The number of servers will expand greatly focusing mostly on productions servers.

          RHQ server runs on a virtual system, 4Gb mem and 2 CPUs.



          Best Practice for upgrading ?

          How many systems can RHQ monitor ? - When do I need to cluster RHQ ?

          Forcing rhq agents to find existing JBoss instances ? - found two but not the third which was recently installed


          Also with experimenting with version 4 - found it very hard to get rid of the memory of a configuration

          Finally got so frustrated - i changed the name and the ip addresses of the system


          Looking forward to communicating with the rest of the RHQ community



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            > Also with experimenting with version 4 - found it very hard to get rid of the memory of a configuration

            > Finally got so frustrated - i changed the name and the ip addresses of the system


            Unsure what this is referring to .. "memory of a configuration". Are you referring to the RHQ Agent's configuration? What name/IP address did you change? Can you be more specific?

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              I looked at the documentation on the --cleanconfig command, however, in the log file the rhq agent was complaining about being

              previously registered with a different name and would not function.

              I totally uninstalled postgres and rhq4 and cleaned the file structure but it was still remembering stuff about the previous registration -

              Where is it storing this data ?


              Essentially I would recommend a switch that really cleans any previous information at the agent and server level.

              That would be very helpful during the prototyping phase.


              Currently I have an agent that discovered two original instances of JBoss 5.0.1, however, I have not been able to get it to recognize

              the new instance of jboss.


              I have done an inventory at the server level and also exercised commands at the agent level

              I am looking thru the community discussions to learn more



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                Re: where agent stores config and the "previously registered with a different name" thing, read:




                and this:




                In fact, I would read all of http://rhq-project.org/display/JOPR2/RHQ+Agent+Installation


                And this might help too:




                along with reading the comments at the top of agent-configuration.xml also explain some things about setting agent config.

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                  We are using RHQ version 4.2 in our company and we think is a great tool. I have a couple of questions about it.



                  I found that there is a plugin for monitoring JBoss Transaction Service:


                  It was released in 26 April 2011 but is not included in RHQ v4.2. Do you think is not ready for production usage or... ?



                  I have another question about an issue using version 4.2, I hope is OK to post it here.

                  I try to import a resource of type "Process", just like in this demo:


                  but I get this error: "Failed to manually import resource", with this details:


                  java.lang.RuntimeException:[1322675874838] org.rhq.core.clientapi.agent.PluginContainerException:Failed to add resource with type [Process] and parent resource id [10061] -> org.rhq.core.util.exception.WrappedRemotingException:null -> org.rhq.core.util.exception.WrappedRemotingException:Discovery component invocation failed. -> org.rhq.core.util.exception.WrappedRemotingException:Failed to create process based on plugin config: Configuration[id=0]


                  Do you know what could that be from ?



                  Thank you and Best regards,

                  Vlad Craciunoiu