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    Which version should I use?

    Emerson Cargnin Newbie

      I'm starting a new brand project, from scratch, which won't be ready until a few months from now.

      I'd like to use JSF2 and Richfaces 4, but Im afraid that I will regret if later I found out that the richfaces 4 isn't as good as the 3.3.


      Most of people in the project are new to richfaces as well, just one developer has experience with Richfaces 3.3.


      Would you recommend to stick to 3.3 or to adventure in the 4.0?


      Best Regards


        • 1. Which version should I use?
          Mark Paluch Master

          Hi Emerson,

          RF3.3 is a great set of JSF components. With 4.0 it became even better and since newer versions are always going to be maintained longer than older versions, it's always better to choose a newer framework than the older one. Using JSF2 with RF4 is better than using JSF2 with RF3.3 (usually you would use JSF1.2 with RF3.3).


          But for your Project it's important, to check, what your requirements are. Does RF3.3 or RF4 meet these? that should be the question you need to answer for your project.


          Good luck with your project and best regards,