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    a question on how to use HornetQ Rest interface

    Stanley H Newbie

      I am a newbie on HornetQ. (I came from .NET background, using ActiveMQ a little bit, start using HornetQ because of its Performance and REST Interface.)


      Here is what I did:

      1. Downlaod the ".zip", unzip, start it with "run.bat". (No change to configuration.)

      2. Use http://mlowen.com/rest-api-test-utility/, to test HornetQ Rest

      3. This my input:



            http://localhost:5455 (also  5445, also1099)


      Upload data:

      POST /queues

      Host: localhost

      Content-Type: application/hornetq.jms.queue+xml

      <queue name="testQueue">




      When click "GO", I get no "Received Data". Please tell me how to get REST started?


      Thanks for your help!