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    ejb3 over http

    Kobi Ianko Apprentice


      I'm looking for a way to enable EJB3 over HTTP,

      I saw some articles on the sobject here in the community. like https://community.jboss.org/wiki/EJB3overHTTPHTTPSinJBossAS-5


      but all of them are indicating that I need to set the @RemoteBinding - clientBindUrl in the SessionBean.


      I have some custumers who want to use the HTTP and some that are using regular RMI.


      I don't wanna create  two versions of the same class, one for HTTP and one for RMI.


      how do I configure this outside the SessionBean?


      and it looks like I need to set the same string (clientBindUrl) in all my SessionBeans, is there a way to set it once in Jboss conf files?


      10x, Kobi

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          Kobi Ianko Apprentice

          found the conf file I was looking for

          check out the ejb3-connectors-jboss-beans.xml at the deploy dir,

          I've set the invokerLocator to my own http servlet like so:




            <bean name="org.jboss.ejb3.RemotingConnector"




              <property name="invokerLocator"><![CDATA[servlet://${jboss.bind.address}:80/unified-invoker/Ejb3ServerInvokerServlet/?dataType=invocation&marshaller=org.jboss.invocation.unified.marshall.InvocationMarshaller&return-exception=true&unmarshaller=org.jboss.invocation.unified.marshall.InvocationUnMarshaller]]></property>

              <property name="serverConfiguration">

                <inject bean="ServerConfiguration" />





            <!-- Remoting Server Configuration -->

            <bean name="ServerConfiguration"


              <property name="invocationHandlers">

                <map keyClass="java.lang.String" valueClass="java.lang.String">