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    SSL overhead in multi_tiered applications with a jboss back end

    Apostolos "Paul" Pantazis Newbie

      At the end of the day Testing this and obtaining some hard data will be the utlimate solution, however I figured I would bounce this by the community and try to learn through some of your individual experiences; Does anyone have any data in regerds to the order of slowdown experienced by enabling SSL all the way through (Think Multi-tiered adobe flex app with a Java backend) HLB Loadbalancing a pool of Apache Mod Cluster Servers which in turn load balances a JBoss cluster back-end (were the application resides).


      I am interested in 2 case:


      1. Terminating the SLL at the HLB (and offloading SLL to the HLB)

      2. Terminating SSL at the JBoss application Tier


      any feedback as well as suggestions for improvment would be appreciated