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    newbie want to contribute

    Ricardo Vega Newbie

      Hello guys,


        I have just joined the community because I would like to be involved in some project. I have been testing different tutorials these days ( I have been testing EJB3 with JBoss AS 6, some of the test were with JMS as a matter of fact, but I need to get involved with real stuff, something that is useful for someone else. It is also a challenge being with the good programmers, so here I can improve and learn a log, and maybe this could be a good platform to get a good job.


        So going to the what really matters, I have been working for almost 1o years with java. And I have a couple of certifications of SUN, SCJP 1.4 and SCWCD. In this 10 years I have seen lot of Java code that was a mess and without Object Oriented design. I am afraid that maybe I got used to that so, I want to come back to the good path.


        If there is some minor change, or something to start with, please lead me,


      Thanks in advance,


      Ricardo Vega.