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    Which logger comes before the root logger?

    henk de boer Master

      On JBoss AS 6, I'm trying to let the JMS bridge from HornetQ log at trace level.


      The problem is that it's source code contains this:



            log = Logger.getLogger(JMSBridgeImpl.class);
            JMSBridgeImpl.trace = JMSBridgeImpl.log.isTraceEnabled();


      Since the service class is referenced rather early in the boot process of JBoss AS, isTraceEnabled always seems to return false.


      in deploy/jboss-logging.xml I set the root loger to level TRACE:



            <!-- Set the root logger priority via a system property, with a default value. -->
            <level name="TRACE"/>
               <handler-ref name="CONSOLE"/>
               <handler-ref name="FILE"/>


      This TRACE level seems to kick in after JBoss AS has almost completely started, so way too late for the bridge which indefinitely remembers the level that happened to be active during the start of the server.


      Which logger I which file do I need to set to TRACE for the JMS bridge to pick this up?