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    Queue rendering of several data tables

    Christoph Kraus Newbie



      I want to queue the rendering of several <rich:dataTable> within a view.

      To do this, I want to prepare a Map with a list of objects as value. For each Map.Entry a <rich:dataTable> should be rendered.


      Something like this:


      <ui:repeat value="#{objectMap}" var="_entry">

           <rich:dataTable value="#{_entry.getValue()}" var="_property">


                     <h:outputText value="#{_property.name}"/





      Because this could take a very long time, I thought it would be a cool idea, to queue the rendering of the data tables. What I mean is, that after each iteration of a Map.Entry, the data table should be rendered immediatly. Some kind of an asynchronous rendering. Don't know if this is possible...

      Hope that someone has a smooth idea of how to implement something like this.


      Thanks in advance,