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    logging configuration in Jboss 6.0 final

    nirajchapla Newbie

      My application is running fine on tomcat. It is using log4j.jar for logging & it has log4j.xml in classes folder of war file. It is generating log file in bin directory of tomcat named FanTastic.log. Now when i deploy my war to jboss6.0 , it is generating FanTastic.log in bin directory of JBoss. But now some problem with tomcat, I need to remove log4j.jar form my war. I know that JBoss providing its own log4j.jar in common/lib, so it is fine to remove log4j.jar form my war. But problem it that after removal of log4j.jar from my war, my application specific log file FanTastic.log is not generating in bin director of JBoss. Now , what should i do to configure log4j to generat that?


      Thanks in advance,