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    Conditionally rendering a button a modalDialog

    Chris Mathrusse Newbie

      I'm using RichFaces 3.3.1 GA.

      I'm attempting to conditionally render a button on a modalDialog but I'm having no success. I am displaying a rich:dataTable on the main page and have added a rowClickAction as follows:

      <a4j:support id="rowClickAction" event="onRowClick"
       reRender="sieveEditInfo, editIncludeCheckbox, editSieveName, editOrganizationList, editButtonDelete"/>

      The button on the dialog is defined as follows:

       value="#{msgs.buttonDelete}" actionListener="#{distributionSieve.confirmDeleteYes}"

      My backing bean has a boolean property (isDeleteRendered) defined and it's value is based upon the row selected. But no matter what I try the button is not rendered. I've set a breakpoint in the backing bean to verify the value of this variable, which is always set to true when a row is selected. The default value for this variable is false when the entire page is initially rendered, but it is updated to true when a row is selected.

      So what am I doing incorrect? Why doesn't this button render as expected like the other controls on the dialog?

      Thanks for the help...