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    Unable to run my App in Tomcat's ROOT

    Mihai Poplacenel Newbie

      I have a richfaces app that works perfectly when deployed to Tomcat 6.0.30 as myApp.war. I drop the war into the webapps folder, start Tomcat, it's all good.


      Now I have a requirement to run the app as the ROOT application in my Tomcat. I tried replacing the ROOT folder with the contents of my war, then repointing the context for the root path ("") to it etc. In all cases, I can open the application and see the starting page, but it gets stuck somewhere in the Richfaces/A4J tree selection JavaScript. My app consists of a single (ajaxified) page that has a tree in the left panel and clicking on it sends an Ajax request to the backing bean, which makes it change state, then the detail panel is being re-rendered with the new state. Simple! Unfortunately though, the click on the tree item doesn't even reach the server. When I step through the JS in FireBug, it seems like it never gets out of the tree JavaScript.


      Again, as soon as I switch back to a non-empty context path, everything works just fine. Any ideas why this could happen? It seems to me like a bug in the RichFaces tree...


      I'm running on tomcat 6.0.30 on a Windows Server 2007 machine, with a 32-bit JVM 1.6.0_21.


      Note: the behavior is correct if I use the xhtml file name in the URL, http://localhost/index.xhtml, instead of simply http://localhost.


      More info: this is *NOT* happening in IE. It definitely seems like a RichFaces/non-IE browsers problem. It happens in both FF 3.6 and Chrome 10.0.