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    JBDS Drools issue with SOA-P

    starfish15 Newbie



      I need to quickly go ahead with a drools rules thing in SOA-P. I found a wonderful examples in the quick starts i.e. 'business_rules_service'. What i am not able to understand is how can i run this from my server in JBDS.


      I know its very trivial, but yet would appreciate if someone could assis with this ASAP.




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          misel Newbie



          the forums are, if I'm not totally lost, mainly intended for discussions regarding community projects. Using SOA-P implies you have a subscription, which in turn implies you can get help using corresponding channels.




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            starfish15 Newbie

            hey ml,


            I am not sure if i was able to portray what exactly i am looking for. Actually someone through this community has suggested that i should go ahead with the quickstarts already provided by the JBoss team to understand stuff further. And basically thats what i am doing.


            The issue that am facing right now is that i have found the lovely business rules service, but i dont know how can use the same through JBDS to run it. I tried

            • importing the project from file system
            • importing the project as existing projects
            • creating a brand new  ESB project and using the existing project

            But all of the above were futile.


            Hence wanted to know if someone could help me further with this.


            Hope i have been able to explain in a better manner nw.




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              Kevin Conner Master

              The quickstarts have been written so that they can easily be run from the command line, just start the server and then execute

              • ant deploy
              • ant runtest


              You should also be able to do this from within JBDS so I'm not sure what issues you are seeing.

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                starfish15 Newbie

                I will be a little more explanatory here. I havent done much building using ANT. I was trying to create a simple ESB, and in that wanted to add a drools rule. Hence to understand building the same i thot of using the existing business service and do the needful. But as i had mentioned earlier, i tried importing the project business_rules_service using Import Fie system and Import Existing Projects, but failed to do the same.


                Hence wanted to understand that how could i include this project and work the same with the JBDS - SOA-P platform that i am trying to work with.




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                  Tom Cunningham Master

                  I'm not sure what version of JBDS you are using, but the documentation for JBDS goes through how to import a quickstart into Eclipse.


                  Additionally as misel said before, since you're using SOA-P, you may already have a subscription and be eligible for Red Hat support?     Definitely something you would want to look into and take advantage of.

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                    Rick Wagner Newbie

                    Hi Starfish,


                    I sometimes use JBDS with ESB projects (especially if I want to use the debugger, which can be nice.)  Here's a way that should work:


                    - Using JBDS, make a simple "Example" ESB project.  (It's one of the Example types provided).

                    - Depending on your O/S, you might be able to directly copy-n-paste the quickstart src folder straight into the source folder in JBDS.  (This works great on Fedora.)  If that doesn't work, just copy the quickstart source folders over one at a time.

                    - Replace the example's jboss-esb.xml file with your own.


                    That should be about it.  You might need to add addtional .jars to your classpath, depending on which quickstart you're trying to run.  (This is also a good way to start your own project, too.  Just start with the closest quickstart, and alter the project as needed after that.)


                    Deploy your project by using 'Add/Remove' from your server.  You should be able to run the project as needed (don't forget to add the client program) and can even debug into the ESB if you attach the source code to the project.


                    I'm describing this from memory, but it should be pretty close.  Good luck!