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    Double rich:dataTable?

    Paul Wicher Newbie

      Hi there!

      I was wondering is there a simple way to show let's name it "double table".

      Normally I show let's say ten rows in a table one udnder another but I want to show them like that:

      1 2

      3 4

      5 6

      7 8

      9 10

      Kind of two tables intead of one but having independent row selection, the same paginator and single list of items.

      It is because I have a lot of width and a little height to use on my page.

      If there isn't some cleaver way to do this then (correct me if I am wrong) I should extend existing data table component (provide my own renderer or own component).I think that since I don't want to change any behaviour, providing my own renderer should be the clearest way to go.

      If  this is the case could You guide me where to start learning about it?

      Since now I was only using existing components with existing renderers. I saw some simple examples with creating "component" that shows only some label or other simple data. I know I should start there but what next?

      Thanks in advance for any advice.