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    Jboss clustering best practices

    Zachary Yadamec Newbie

      First I will give you an overview of my cluster then ask my generic question.



      My cluster consists of 2 windows 2003 X64 servers on the same subnet/vlan but different switches in my network(My network does not route UDP beyond the switch).  Beacuse of this i am using TCP clustering(but this will soon be fixed).  On each of these 2 windows boxes I have 3 nodes of jboss 4.2.X(total of 6 nodes).  On one of the windows boxes I have apache with mod_jk.  All 6 nodes have buddy sync turned on.  We have fully tested the failover with no issues.  these 6 nodes all talk to the same oracle 10g database and have the same application deployed using farming(I know don't use it in prod). 



      Now to my question:


      Are there any sites that lay out best practices(or at least sugestions for clustering jboss 4.X or even 5.x)?  I have found many security best practices, but my Google fu is failing me at finding anything for clustering. 

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          I think it is difficult to have a 'best practice' for clustering.

          It depends to the application and the requirements.


          You must decide between failover and performance, e.g. if you will have a full failover the performance is less because of replication.


          For our application we decide to have only a transactional cache and a stickyness to one node during the transaction (it is mostly a EJB based app).

          For our requirements it works.

          The plan is to have about 70% load on each node to have a good GC behaviour and being able to handle peaks.

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            Zachary Yadamec Newbie

            Thanks for the answer.  I find myself being at a disadvantage alot with jboss because i am not the developer and the knowldge of clustering and admin I have is far beyond that of the vendor(which isn't saying much).  I have read through the clustering guide more than once which I find to be missing some info that I have had to gather from other more generous tech blogs, but non of them have given me enough info to be more than just dangerous.  I know there wont be one definitive guide for clustering but I was hoping for something stronger than the online clustering doc and the book published by Jboss, inc. 


            Any solid referance you can direct me to would be very helpful.