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    clarification:Event notification on invalidation?

    Amal Raj Vinoth James Newbie

      Dear All,


      Please do help on following event notification:


      @CacheEntryInvalidated : when actually, before event and after event is called?, is it actually on  perform() method or anything else?


      on invalidation of key[address], i am doing local put the object from DB using


      cache.getAdvancedCache().withFlags(Flag.CACHE_MODE_LOCAL).put(key, value);


      I getting following notification


      before : 10:02:53:125 PM | Cache Entry Is Invalidated,  <k,v> : <address,street=3rd Street, city=Delhi, zip=640001>

      after   : 10:02:53:125 PM | Cache Entry Is Invalidated,  <k,v> : <address,null>


          Locacl Put <K,V> :<address,[CustomerAddress@64160e]>


      before :10:02:53:312 PM | Cache Entry Is modified, <k,v> : <address,street=3rd Street, city=Delhi,zip=640001>

      After :  10:02:53:312 PM  | Cache Entry Is  modified, <k,v> : <address,[CustomerAddress@64160e]>


      Finallythe cache is Empty? But it should be <address,[CustomerAddress@64160e]>


      it looks weird? am i doing something wrong here?


      help me