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    Multi-clicking tabPanel tab resets drop-downs

    Eric Parshall Newbie

      We are using RichFaces 3.3 and the tabPanel control on several screens to organize a large number of text boxes and drop-down controls.  When we double- or triple-click a tab that is currently hidden and has drop-down controls on it the tab will appear correctly at first, but then all of the drop-down controls get reset to their null value.  This happens to all of the drop-down controls that allow a null selection.


      Here is the portion showing the tabPanel control

           switchType="ajax" ignoreDupResponses="true"
           style="width: 100%">     <rich:tab
                label="Tab With Controls" 
                <rich:panel id="premiumDetailPanel" style="border:0">
                     <a:include id="i1" viewId="/Application/PremiumDetail/premiumDetail.xhtml" 
                          ajaxRendered="false" eventsQueue="queue"/>


      When I triple-click I see the get method called 3 times and then the set method gets called with a null value.