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    How can I make twiddle be authenticated by jaas module?

    Douglas Souza Newbie

      I have to make twiddle being authenticated by my own jaas module. What can I do?


      Example login-config:

          <application-policy name = "logon">


                <login-module code = "MyClass.LogonServerLoginModule"

                   flag = "required" >

                      <module-option name="principalClass">MyClassl</module-option>

                      <module-option name="logonServer">${logonServer}</module-option>

                      <module-option name="logonPort">${logonPort}</module-option>





      My bash script will be seems like this:




      echo -n "Type your key: "

      read PASSWORD


      # and

      twiddle -u MyUser -p ${PASSWORD}  na na na


      Thank you in advance