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    Bug - demo-src for rich:listShuttle isn't conform with tagde

    Roland Schöler Newbie

      Hi, I've tried to find a way to create a JIRA for some minor bugs I've found, but I'm not able to create a new one.

      The demo-src for rich:listShuttle isn't conform with the current attributes for rich:listShuttle. Wrong attributes are bold marked.

      <rich:listShuttle sourceValue="#{toolBar.freeItems}"
       targetValue="#{toolBar.items}" var="items" listHeight="300"
       listWidth="300" sourceCaptionLabel="Available Items"
       targetCaptionLabel="Currently Active Items"

      replace listHeight with listsHeight

      replace listWidth with the specific width for the list e.g. sourceListWidth or

      After fixing this two attributes everything works as expected.