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    New Install - No jBPM Perspective in Eclipse

    Gary Huntress Newbie

      I'm just getting started with jBPM and I'm trying to get my development environment as correct/current as possible so I can follow all the tutorials and build my first few projects.


      I've installed jBPM5 using the full installer and I've run "ant install.demo".  I don't see any errors during this step.  When I launch using "ant start.demo", jboss will run and I can connect.  Eclipse launches and can create a new jBPM project.  I can run the sample.java and it produces "hello world' in the eclipse console as expected. 


      I can also open sample.bpmn and I can edit this grapically using the list of components etc.


      What I cannot seem to do is find the jBPM perspective.   The tutorials indicate it should be under "window | open perspective | other " but I do not have that listed.   What component am I missing?   During install.demo I do see:



          [unzip] Expanding: /Users/gary/Desktop/jbpm-installer/lib/jbpm-5.0.0-eclipse-all.zip into /Users/gary/Desktop/jbpm-installer/eclipse


      so I thought that was all I needed (again there were no errors during the installation).   I'm installing on a Mac running 10.6.




      Gary H.