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    Durable topic subscriptions disappearing from JMX?

    Josh Allen Newbie

      I have a JMS topic hosted in HornetQ 2.1.2 Final which has a durable subscription. I have periodically examined it via JMX in our test environments, and the subscription appears to be preserved.  I have also experimented with stopping the consumers of that particular subscription, and the durable subscription still appears in JMX (e.g. [topic mbean].listDurableSubscriptionsAsJSON, or .getDurableSubscriptionCount all indicate its presence, etc.)


      Now that it is in production, I had to stop the consumers on this subscription for a few days.  When I went back in afterwards to JMX, with no other changes to the system, the topic reports that it has 0 durable subscriptions.


      However, when I started the consumers again, it appears that there are messages being added to their particular subscription queue.  So it's as if it's still honoring the durable subscription, but this has somehow dropped out of JMX's view.


      Has anyone seen anything like this?