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    Is it possible to configure the stomp web-sockets to run in secure mode (wss://) ?

    Zsolt Csik Newbie

      I was wondering if it can be done in HornetQ. I tried to configure the acceptor but it did not work: i was unable to connect. Here is my acceptor config:


         <!-- Acceptors -->


            <!-- a regular Netty acceptor used by the JMS client -->

            <acceptor name="netty-acceptor">



            <!-- the stomp-acceptor is configured for the Stomp over Web Sockets and -->

            <acceptor name="stomp-websocket">


               <param key="protocol" value="stomp_ws" />

               <param key="port" value="8081" />

               <param key="host" value="localhost" />

               <param key="ssl-enabled" value="true"/>

               <param key="key-store-path" value="wsskeystore.keystore"/>

               <param key="key-store-password" value="x0wt104"/>

               <param key="trust-store-path" value="wsstruststore.truststore"/>

               <param key="trust-store-password" value="x0wt104"/>