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    Deploying M1 and the future?

    Michael Cowgill Newbie

      Ok I get the general idea of lighter weight, no fuss, just let me do services.  I currently use JBoss ESB and I am following SY as a possible new framework.  How exactly do you envision prodution deployment of a SY framework? Will I still need JBossAS? In order to deploy the M1 quickstart what deployment options are available?


      Thanks for all the effort.

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          Tom Fennelly Master

          SwitchYard core is not tied to any container.  At present we support AS6 deployment, but there were issues with that in M1 that have now been resolved.


          If you checkout and build all the modules from git you'll find you can deploy the quickstarts on AS6.  There's a little bit of setup involved for AS6, but it's not difficult:


          1. Unzip core/deploy/build/target/switchyard.deployer.zip in the server/default/deployers folder of AS6.
          2. Copy components/bean/target/switchyard-component-bean-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar to service/default/deploy.
          3. Copy components/soap/target/switchyard-component-soap-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar to service/default/deploy.
          4. Start AS6
          5. Copy quickstarts/m1app/target/m1app-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar to service/default/deploy.
          6. Use soapUI (or other) to load the service WSDL (service URI + "?wsdl") and then invoke the Webservice.
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            Michael Cowgill Newbie

            Thanks for the response.  I did get this working of course, and added some detail below.  Besides JBoss AS what will be the next container supported?


            Quick note I think most people would figure this out, but instead of service/default/deploy it is server/default/deploy.


            For those people trying this out be sure to use the M1 branch and to follow the order Tom describes. For some reason if I do not remove the m1app jar from the deploy folder and restart AS 6 there is an error related to the bean component jar and weld. 


            Also just a quick guide for the beginner soapUI user.  I used the eclipse plugin installed via their update site: http://www.soapui.org/eclipse/update/site.xml


            After following Tom's steps open soapUI perspective and create a new project (crtl n) and the url if you left all the defaults is http://localhost:18001/OrderService?wsdl.  You'll then just need modify the soap request to match the unit tests.