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    Still Struggling to Get Started

    Gary Huntress Newbie

      I've been trying to evaluate jboss/jbpm from end to end and I've got many hours into this already and haven't really gotten anywhere.  I am interested in jBPM because I've been asked to migrate a legacy collection of hundreds of processes to a web based system and it sounds like jBPM is the perfect solution. 


      What I have been able to do:

      1) download jbpm full installer, but I have to manually modify build.xml in order to get eclipse for the mac (otherwise the install fails)

      2) manually install the graphical process designer (not done as part of the full install?)

      3) create a new jbpm project

      4) edit the project and correctly run the "hello world" process locally within eclipse

      5) navigate to localhost:8080/jbpm-console and log in


      What I have not been able to do:

      1)  Deploy the "hello world" process from eclipse.  I see no context menus or windows for deployment. 

      2)  anything at all at the jbpm-console.  There are no tasks.  I assume this is because I have not deployed anything

      3)  create a new *.bpmn file and add it to my first project


      My biggest question is about my tools, environment, and my assumptions.  If I download the full installer I expected that I should be able to unpack it, run "ant install.demo" then "ant start.demo", which launches eclipse, then create/edit a jbpm project that I can edit then deploy and then see something in jbpm-console.  Am I missing something obvious here?  


      Thanks for any help.  I don't want to give up on this.



        • 1. Still Struggling to Get Started
          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi Gary, sorry to hear about that.

          Tools are being improved over the time and a huge effort for integrate them nicely is being done.

          In my opinion Drools and jBPM can be used perfectly for a project initiative, the only problem as you mention are the tools. If you want to use the engine and embedded in your application or host it in a server the APIs are working perfectly right now.

          Please let me know if I can clarify you something else to help you to create your solution.


          • 2. Still Struggling to Get Started
            Gary Huntress Newbie

            Thank you for the response Mauricio.  I have about 1 week to accomplish some sort of simple demo that shows how to author, deploy, and execute a small number of typical rules.


            To that end, I do not particularly care which set of tools I use as long as I meet that goal.   Can you recommend a stable and well documented set of tools and perhaps a very very simple tutorial that can show this from end to end?