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    CSS template is not rendered

    Alexey Pismenskiy Newbie

      Hello all.


      We have a weird issue in the Richfaces + Seam + Tomcat project, related the rendering CSS files. In particular, in one of the box we install the app it looks good with all CSS applied and for URL:




      response is

      .rich-container input,.rich-input,. ....

      which is valid CSS I guess.


      But for the other box the response is not-rendered template:


      <template><selector name=".rich-containerinput,.rich-input,.rich-container select,.rich-select,.rich-containertextarea,.rich-textarea,.rich-containerbutton,.rich-button,.rich-container keygen,.rich-keygen,.rich-containerisindex,.rich-isindex,.rich-containerlegend,.rich-legend,.rich-container a,.rich-


      and the page doesn't display correctly.

      I thougth that the issue is related to authentication as we require login for several pages and I turned the whole security off for the whole app (as it was recommended in some forum topics here for similar issues) but the issue still exists.


      The issue is intermittent, sometimes after tomcat restart it's gone.

      Any ideas how to fix it?


      Thank you.