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    a4j:poll and multiple forms

    Dietmar Scheidl Newbie



      i got into a little trouble with a4j:poll, rerendering and multiple forms ...


      I am using Richface 3.3.3.Final.



      A menu on the left of the screen shows an inbox including a count of unread mails (polling every now and then to check for changes). In the center pane i have my current main form e.g. a table containing some selectOneMenu with s:selectItems and s:convertEnum and a save button. Both sections of the screen are in different forms. The problem starts as soon as polling tries to update the rich:panelMenuGroup containing the mail count. I only recieve null values from the selectOneMenu. UIInput receives "" instead of the option value (String representation of the Enum provided by s:convertEnum).


      If i remove a4j:poll or submit the main form before rerendering of the navigation form happens everything is fine.


      Also everything keeps working if i add the main form for rerendering on a4j:poll. Drawback is losing all changes in the main form.


      At the moment I am stuck at this point. Any hint would be appreciated.