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    extendedDataTable  change of tableState behaving wrongly....

    Deb Dutta Novice

      I have binded the table state like this...

      <rich:extendedDataTable id="mygrid" binding="#{bean.table}" tableState ="{bean.tableprofile}"

      Now after resizing the extendedDataTable columns i am saving the current state[valu of string tableprofile] in text file ,
      now in a load option i am reading that text file and updating the string "tableprofile" and reRendering extendedDataTable .
      But its behaving wrongly, though the currect data i ma loading , its needed two time reReder of extendedDataTable to get the changes in table state...

      why this is happening???

      My grid code is like this..

      <a4j:region id="GR_KUN_7130region">
      <rich:extendedDataTable binding="#{winkun9.GR_KUN_7130}" tableState="#{winkun9.winkun9GR_KUN_7130Profile}"
       value="#{winkun9.GR_KUN_7130_List}" var="DATA_ROW" id="GR_KUN_7130"
       reRender="tableScrollarGR_KUN_7130,pagingPanelGR_KUN_7130,pagesTextGR_KUN_7130,contextGridGR_KUN_7130" rows="16" height="390px"
       width="500px" sortMode="single" selectionMode="multi"
       selection="#{winkun9.selectionGR_KUN_7130}" onRowContextMenu="return true"

      Is there any problem in grid stucture?

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          Deb Dutta Novice

          And sometimes i have see the table state changing is not at all working trough i am loading the correct data in correct format. If i change a column visibility then its working sometimes..
          can anybody please suggest me the requirement for table state save and load the way i am doing is correct or any attribute i am missing??

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            Deb Dutta Novice

            I am reRendering the extended data table through a a4j:commandButton, i have seen if i put a alert its working fine..
            <a4j:commandButton onclick="alert('rendering..');"
            id="renderGR_KUN_7130" style="display:none"
            reRender="tableScrollarGR_KUN_7130,GR_KUN_7130,contextGridGR_KUN_7130" />

            This a4j:commandButton click event i am calling from my load action button , oncomplete through a javascrip..

            To do the reRendering like this , should i have to specify more,
            I have to reRender by this a4j:commandButton click only..and i can't use the onclick alert.
            please help...