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    Problem deploying jBPM processes

    Wen Yao Newbie



      I used the latest version of Drools-govnor and jBPM. I am able to deploy the evaluation process and then I add the "HelloProcess" from Kris's example. It worked for me. However, then I created my own process and added it to the location "the jbpm-installer/sample/evaluation/src/main/resources". (I didn't change the configuration file.) I also added the jar file to the application server. Then I restarted H2 and jboss server. No process definition shows up in my jbpm console. Even the evaluation and hello processes disappeared!


      Then I remove my own process and restart jBoss. The evaluation and hello processes came back!


      I followed the naming convention in the document strictly. Just wondering if anyone encountered the same problem? It's just performing unstable. Sometimes my process definition can show up in the console but sometimes it doesn't. I cannot figure it out.


      Thank you!