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    ExtendedDataModel problem with postback

    Antony Antony Newbie

      Hi, I have already a post for this item so I will try to explain simply my problem.

      I used a datatable with a SerializableDataModel (extends extendedDataModel)

      <rich:dataTable id="table" value="#{model}">

      I have a commandButton to delete a datatable item :

      Can I use a method in my SerializableDataModel class ?

      <a4j:commandButton id="editlink" value="d" action="#{model.delete}">

      In this configuration, when I clicked on my button the walk method in my SerializableDataModel is fired but the delete method is never reached.

      I tried to use another bean but it's same it fires walk method on the SerializableDataModel class but never the delete method.

      I put ajaxSingle to true for my commandButton, in this case I can reach my delete method BUT in this way I can't get my datatable item because the datatable model is not initialized.

      Could you help me to understand the behavior because at this time I have no ideas,