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    JBoss shutdown is slow

    Sergiu Pienar Expert



      On a 5.1.0GA. server,at shutdown :


      Normally, when I call shutdown on the jboss, I would expect that the following happens:


      1.       all MDBs do stop processing any further JMS

      2.       all (Quartz) jobs are closing down

      3.       jboss is shutting down itself



      However, it seems that the MDBs closing is not happening – at least this is not the first task, but the MDBs do still process

      messages though jboss did already start to close EJB components (which is actually bad) and thus the total shutdown takes

      really a while.There are several exceptions(NameNotFound) raised when lookup is made for objects that have been unbound from the JNDI tree.


      Can I force somehow the order in which components are stopped , and stop MDB's first ?