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    Potential wrong query for QueryTasksAssignedAsPotentialOwner

    Sasi R Newbie

      Did any one notice that the human task query is returning wrong results when Comment and Skippable properties are left blank.


      I have a work flow with two human tasks one after another and for the first task user, am getting proper results however when the task is assigned to different user for second task, its pulling wrong data.I noticed that it created left join with the data in I18NTEXT table and is returning as many rows as the total count of rows in that table. In my case it is returning 38 rows(total count of I18NTEXT table)  instead of 1 row. If Comment and Skippable properties are blank, we have only 1 row in I18NTEXT instead of three rows and the below line in the query is creating havoc because there wont be rows with Task_Descriptions_Id and Task_Subjects_Id


      and (i18ntext5_.language='en-UK' and (i18ntext5_.id in (select descriptio12_.id from I18NText descriptio12_ where task0_.id=descriptio12_.Task_Descriptions_Id))

      or (select count(descriptio13_.Task_Descriptions_Id) from I18NText descriptio13_ where task0_.id=descriptio13_.Task_Descriptions_Id)=0)



      Is this a known issue or is comemnt/Skippable properties are mandatory?