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    ESB Adapters

    Miguel Anselmo Newbie


      I have cross-cutting question.

      In other ESB’s, we have adapters (File,TCP, http, …) which can be use to send and receive messages.

      If I understand, in case of JBoss ESB we have providers which can be used by Gateway to receive message (some can do request/response).

      But what about the senders?  We have the Notifiers, but I think that is not the best solution to address this feature.

      I am think on a scenario like => File->Gateway->Actions(Validate,Transform,..)->”Send”->WS


      Thanks for any help

      Miguel Anselmo

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          Tom Cunningham Master

          What you might use probably depends on what you are trying to "send" to.    What are you trying to send to (WS, file, http, database, etc)?

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            Miguel Anselmo Newbie

            Hi Tom,

            thanks for your reply.

            Yes,this is exactly what we want.

            We are initiating a project (related to Ticketing, public transport), building an ESB over JBoss ESB, that is responsible to integrate different systems/applications (publish/subscribe) and also provide services (provider/consumer).

            One of the features that we need (beside, Transformations, Routing, Reliability, …),we need to receive message using different protocols, and also sending message (yourcalling back-end services) using different protocols.

            Do I have to build Actions to achieve this goal? (is this the best approach?)


            Miguel Anselmo

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              misel Newbie



              have you browsed through the ootb actions already supplied in the distro? There's a lot of different possibilities making calls off the bus.




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                Miguel Anselmo Newbie


                yes we have browsed to the libraries of JBoss ESB, and for this case we have found only SOAPClient (action).

                Are there more actions that can do what i want? (e.g. Send: File, TCP/UDP, SQL, ...).

                Take into account, that my goal is to see if exist a generic action, or other type of object, that can be use to delivery message



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                  Tom Fennelly Master

                  Check out the HttpRouter, EmailRouter, JMSRouter, NotifyFiles, NotifyFTP, NotifyTCP and then of course you can always your own actions and plug them into the pipeline.