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    InVM transport and Secured service

    joe_boy12 Novice

      Hello There


      what I am trying to do is invoke a service from ServiceInvoker.deliverAsynch() method - the service is secured and I am passing the valid AuthenticationRequest along with message in its context. The catch is, the service has only Http Gateway listener and the InVM transport attacted to http listener. Now when I try to invoke this service - my message goes in MessateStore with RDLVR as qualification - stays there for 5-6 mins and then error appears on console saying - and then disappears from MessageStore.


      org.jboss.soa.esb.services.security.SecurityServiceException: Service 'blah blah' has been configured for security but no AuthenticationRequest could be located in the Message Context. Cannot authenticate without an AuthenticationRequest.


      Now when I unsecure the service and invoke the service with above method - it works fine - even with AuthenticationRequest being in context. Is this normal behavior? is InVM transport incapable of looking at AuthenticationRequest in message context?