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    JMS Gateway security

    joe_boy12 Novice

      Hello folks


      I am trying to present a Proof of Concept for JBoss ESB SOA platform for my team and came across a situation which concerns me a bit.


      I have a JMS Gateway Queue and its secured. I mean only specified roles can read/write on it. No issues with message producer at all. The 1st issue comes when I dont want to put my user name and password openly in following props on jboss-esb.xml file. e.g.


      <jms-message-filter dest-type="QUEUE" dest-name="queue/MyGatewayQueue" jms-security-principal="esb_user" jms-security-credential="esb_password"/>


      so if I give reading rights to guest user in my jbm-queue-service.xml - anybody whos unauthenticated can read my message on that queue.


      The 2nd issue is - even if I go for either choice from above - the gateway is not able to create / populate AuthenticationRequest object on meesage context when passing that info to ESB aware channel which in turn calls a secured service - which I think is an open defect - now what I need to do is - write a composer class which inturn somehow creates an AuthenticationRequest object before message is passed on ESB aware channel.


      Does anybody have better solution?