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    selectOneRadio with toggelPanel

    newbee07 Newbie

      We have an issue using selectOneRadio with toggelPanel. where when the first time page loads we see that initial state of false. but on selecting yes, I dont see the output text of "Inside YES". Below is the responsible code.


      <h:selectOneRadio id="radioButtons" value="#{entity.booleanFlag}">


                            <a4j:support event="onclick" ajaxSingle="true" reRender="radioButtons,togglePanel"/>



                             <f:selectItem id="NO" itemLabel="NO" itemValue="false">




                             <f:selectItem id="YES" itemLabel="YES" itemValue="true" >







      <rich:togglePanel id="togglePanel" switchType="ajax" value="#{entity.booleanFlag.toString()}" >

                               <f:facet name="false">

                                   <h:outputText value="Indise NO"></h:outputText>       



                               <f:facet name="true">

                                   <h:outputText value="Inside YES"></h:outputText>