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    Problem with dynamic data in rich:dataTable

    Igor Espin Newbie



      I need some help, I have two rich:modalPanel with a rich:dataTable inside each one.

      The first one has a commandButton "Agregar Entidad" that calls the secon modalPanel.

      The firs modalPanel is the following:




      The second one have a list of entities (loaded with a class that extends from SerializableDataModel and use a rich:datascroller), where the user choose one row by clicking on the green commandbutton, this modal get closed and the first modalpanel is updated rendering the row that is selected in the second modalpanel. So the first modal panel will have as much rows as the user selects in the second modal panel. The second modal panel is the following




      Now in the first modal panel I have the row "Registrar Monto" which has an inputText and a commandLink. When I write some number in the inputtext and press the commandLink(action event to the managed bean) it set the field of the row "Monto" and reRender it with the new value.

      This works fine until I choose more than one row from the second modalpanel. So if I have two or more rows in my first modal panel the commandLink "Registrar Monto" doesn't works. I can figure out this because I debugged it and when I press the commandLink, it never enters to the actionListener in the managed bean. It only works fine when I add the first row the the first modalpanel, when I add more than one It doesnt works.


      Please I have spent many days trying to solve this but I couldnt find any answer.


      If someone can help me I will appreciate...


      Thanks in advance