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    How to use Portal login with SSO

    ivansz Newbie



      We have a portal application running on GateIn 3.1 (JBOSS Enterprise Portal Platform 5.0.1). We are using a customised login procedure (custom PortalLoginController, login jsp, redirection to different portal pages and passing some attributes to the portlet session during login). Authentication is done by LDAP using picketlink-idm-ldap-acme-config.xml. Some custom LDAPattributes are mapped to UserProfile attributes. This works now fine.


      However, we have to create a Single-Sign-On solution with another web application running on JBOSS 4.3. All the SSO solution I could find for GateIn are based on using and external SSO server and execute the login on the SSO server. Is there a way to keep customized GateIn login procedure and still support SSO or some automated login mechanism with the other web application?