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    Guvnor war filenames and default URL's

    Kurt Stam Master

      Hi guys, Geoffrey sent this out to the active developers who seem to gravitate to Proposition 1 (in favor of keeping things simple) However I though I'd open it up to a wider audience:


          We used to have this situation (pre split-up):


      • Module drools-guvnor, type war
      • Release contains drools-guvnor.war

          After the split-up (unreleased) this changed slightly:


      • Module guvnor-webapp, type war
      • Release contains guvnor-webapp.war

          So, what's wrong with this?


      • That 1 war doesn't deploy without modification on JBoss 5 or 6
        • The modification is different between 5 and 6
      • That file name doesn't have the version string (= bad practice)
        • Confusing if you download guvnor 5.0 and 5.1 and drop them into the same folder in the internal fileserver (mirror).
          • Basically you overwrite the previous one and other people might mistake it for the previous one

          Solution I've been able to do so far:


      • Module guvnor-webapp, type war
        • builds 1 war: guvnor-webapp-5.2.0.war
          • This is the generic war, which is the stone out of which the specific wars are cut.
          • Hosted mode works.
          • Non-hosted mode URL: Doesn't matter, because it's not used?
      • Module guvnor-distribution, type pom with a list of assemblies

          So, what's the problem?


      • The URL needs to be documented in the manual.
        • More than 1 URL, that changes per version is confusing.

          So, what's the proposed solutions?


      • Proposition 1: It's fine like that.
        • People expect the URL to match the war filename.
          • It's a JEE standard. No magic happening.
          • At least they will find it like that and they can rename the file if they want a different url.
        • gdesmet: +1
      • Proposition 2: Use jboss-web.xml to set the URL for all jboss wars to guvnor:
        • URL: http://localhost:8080/guvnor/
        • Problem: this is impossible to add this in the tomcat war  (there is no tomcat-web.xml).
          • The tomcat URL stays: http://localhost:8080/guvnor-5.2.0-tomcat-6.0/
            • unless they change the war filename or TOMCAT_HOME/conf/server.xml
        • gdesmet: +0
          • ok, we're giving better service to JBoss AS
            • but in total it is a step forward for the tomcat crowd as they get a specific version war
      • Proposition 3: Give all wars the same name guvnor.war and use different directories.
        • Problem: this will be very confusing for both the build and the download files.
        • gdesmet: -1
          • It's making the bad practice of not including the version number even worse.

          So I am thinking proposition 1 or 2, what do you think?


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