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    How to Redirect onrowclick (RF 4)?

    raid3n Newbie

      Hi all, that's my example code:


      from "index.html"

      <rich:dataTable value="#{listFormBean.listFormBean}" var="fb"

                                              rowClasses="odd-row, even-row" styleClass="table" id="table"

                                              rows="25" onrowclick="getForm()">




      <a4j:jsFunction action="#{listFormBean.getForm}" name="getForm" >



      then in faces-config.xml











      the actionbean is executed but not the redirection. How to solve?

      What's the best practice/solution to navigate on a row click?

        • 1. How to Redirect onrowclick (RF 4)?
          Nick Belaevski Master



          Reference for from-outcome element:

          The "from-outcome" element contains a logical outcome string returned by the execution of an application

          action method selected via an "actionRef" property (or a literal value specified by an "action" property) of a

          UICommand component. If specified, this rule will be relevant only if the outcome value matches this element's

          value. If not specified, this rule will be relevant if the outcome value is non-null or, if the "if" element is present,

          will be relevant for any outcome value, with the assumption that the condition specified in the "if" element

          ultimately determines if this rule is a match.

          So you have to use non-null outcome or add 'if' element