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    Seam Session Refresh

    khannap2001 Newbie

      I have a list of users in session. I want to provide refresh functionality on my web page so that when user clicks refresh then session is cleared and page is reloaded.


      How can i achieve this in seam?

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          Rocky S Master

          if you are refreshing your session, this is something you have to do manually in your session component. Either you reinstate the values on refresh like making it null or changing its values on the call of refresh, this will reflect your updated values. Or if you are talking about any session conversation scope then on refresh you could end your conversation.


          This question is more suitable in Seam forum.

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            khannap2001 Newbie

            I asked same question in seam forum but noone replied.


            My issue is that on click of link though i call the method in which i make my list null but how can i redirect it to same page load again?

            also, if i have many variables to be refreshed then is there any neat way to do it?


            any code sample will help.