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    4.0.X <--> /trunk merging this weekend

    Jay Balunas Master

      Hi All,


      Now that 4.0.0.Final is tagged, verified, and nearly released we are going to cross merge between 4.0.X branch and trunk to make sure everything is ready for new developments.


      This means that we need /trunk and 4.0.X branch to be stable until we complete the merge.  If you have something that you want committed let us know.  Gleb is the only one actively working on the 4.0.X and we have discussed.


      We plan this to be done at some point Monday or before.



        • 1. 4.0.X <--> /trunk merging this weekend
          Jay Balunas Master

          I have committed the merge for both /trunk and 4.0.X.  I've built, and smoke tested the showcase app for both of them.


          Please review the changes to make sure nothing was missed.


          Before we open up /trunk or /4.0.X I need to complete RF-10812 and update the development version in 4.0.X --> 4.0.1-SNAPSHOT.


          We also need to be careful of what we are checking in where.  Gleb is working on some updates to 4.0.X and GAE so those are fine to commit once I update the development version.  Other commits for now should be reviewed and discussed before - at least for now.

          • 2. 4.0.X <--> /trunk merging this weekend
            Jay Balunas Master

            I have just updated the 4.0.X branch to the 4.0.1-SNAPSHOT version - RF-10812 .


            Reviewed updates to 4.0.X ( GAE updates ) can be committed.  Other updates to /trunk and /4.0.X need to be reviewed as we go through and review jira's and plans for the next releases here.